Charity of 2022

We are excited to announce that Crazy Gamer is in partnership with the National Autistic Society (NAS) this is the UK’s leading charity for the 700,000 autistic people in the UK.
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They support over 100,000 autistic people and their loved ones annually through: seven schools, adult residential services, diagnostic services, helplines and casework services, a network of 117 volunteer-led local branches and social groups, employment support and specialist training and conference services.
They also work hard to change attitudes. They have strong relationships with local authorities and national governments and they work with them to champion the rights and interests of autistic people and their families, making sure national policy and legislation reflect their needs.
Elysia attends one of there local community centres and she said, “Before the group I was very isolated and had no friends. They helped me to develop my social skills."
We are so excited to raise funds and awareness for NAS in 2022.


Our Director was diagnosed as Autistic in 2015, many years after choosing the company name. Autism is rated on a scale on the spectrum, each has its own struggles.

Paul Standen - Director, Crazygamer ltd...

For me it's the social aspect I struggle with on the higher end of the spectrum. I enjoy my life and the challenges it faces, for me socializing isn't something I prioritize and often avoid as I know I'm terrible at it!

My energy is unique and the few friendships I have successfully formed and maintained are with the few folk that took the time to get to know me before judging me, I'm apparently embarrassingly uncensored at times, that apparently takes some getting used too :) Responses have ranged from odd looks to being called "weird" or "crazy" I'm just wired differently and enjoying life though...

I remember in my younger years I struggled with social situations in school, the teachers picked up on my struggles. Even my mum volunteered at the school to observe me from afar as the teachers struggled to explain my struggles.

Eventually I found acting a bit daft and coming out with what was on my mind often caused laughter and I managed to survive that era of my life named "school kid"

With more awareness I wonder how my life would have been? Would it have been different, would a diagnosis have came earlier?
Endless possible outcomes, i'd probably drive myself crazy thinking about it.... wait a minute? :s

What I do know is that I have a love for tech and enjoy providing our customers with great deals and a great service with that touch of autistic perfection!

In 2022 I get to do the same whilst raising autism awareness and funds to help the NAS continue to help people with autism and there families, something I hope the slowly growing Crazygamer clan can enjoy being part of - whether that be a donation, a purchase or a cheeky share of a link to social media ect to help the cause :)

10% of our profits from every single sale will be going towards a great cause!
You can also round up your orders total to the nearest pound or specify a donation amount yourself during checkout with 100% going to the NAS!

(if you wish to do so - it's completely optional)