About Us

First established in 2008, CrazyGamer was originally called "xboxmemberships"

That's right! At first that was all we originally sold for our first 2 years of trading.
Our instant code delivery module used on that website was the very first of its kind and has been updated to work with this very site!

Eventually with a great deal of persistence and patience we had grown enough to be able to fund opening up a small store

As a store name "xboxmemberships" wasn't great and would be a very limited product range for covering the costs of running a store.
Naturally being a keen avid gamer, the owner Paul, decided with the help of some like minded business people to re-invent the business name.

Less than 2 weeks later the website (which sadly wasn't saveable for our relaunch in December 2020)
was up and running with our hypnotic logo that people loved!

About 8 weeks later our store launched! It was a warm summer's day of 2010 and CrazyGamer was open for business!

Crazygamer, Ashton in Makerfield.
Old photo, Apologies for the image quality.

Our store went from strength to strength and started offering console repairs after a few months.

We had a great 4 years of trading from the shop in total!

Sadly a series of unfortunate events - Economic downturn, recession and launch of the Ps4 and Xbox one
in the end was our undoing and the company had to cease trading in December of 2014.

Lower sales combined with our second hand video games and consoles becoming worth much less forced our hands....

Fast forward 6 years to December 2020 and we are back!
Like a phoenix we rise!

Our website has a fresh look and we are slowly growing a list of suppliers and growing our stock list.

The stock range will eventually cover everything from Toys and entertainment right through to new and used video games and consoles and computer parts.

We are currently not planning on offering console repairs in the immediate future however if you would like to discuss this then we may be able to quote for certain jobs!

We will update our About us page as the journey continues so make sure you check back here for big news and updates!

We appreciate you taking the time to view our website and hope you choose us for all your gaming needs.

We thank-you for your support and patience as we grow our stock list and last but not least...

Welcome to the CrazyGamer clan!

News updates....

3rd June 2021

We are slowly getting a good stockpile of stock, more suppliers are on the horizon too allowing us to hopefully bring new games consoles, video games and accessories to the website shortly!

With the website setup and running successfully for just over 6 months we will be looking to finally open a retail premises in the upcoming months! 

25th August 2021 (bumper news update)

After just 10 months of resuming trading today we decided to make CrazyGamer LTD!
Our application was officially received and processed resulting in the birth of CRAZYGAMER LTD with the company number 13585328.

We also have a new supplier on board giving us the ability to get over 1800 computing items to our catalogue, all available with dpd next day delivery direct from the suppliers warehouse!

Our website also now employs the payment processing facilities of Takepayment's (previously known as Payzone) which employs the latest 3d secure protection standards via Barclaycard merchant services gateway ensuring every payment we receive is from a legitimate customer and that payment information is handled securely. Our previous payment provider did not support 3d secure so this is great news to upgrade to a better payment solution.

Our website is also undergoing some major changes in the background which will make the site operate much faster and display clearer information. If you have issue's whilst browsing/checking out please let us know so we can chase away that gremlin! We are hoping to complete all the web development work by the end of the month.

We are still waiting for our application for a few video games suppliers as mentioned in Junes update and hope to have some exciting new ranges being added as we grow.


We are pleased to announce that after some major web development we now can offer you some great computing items! Roughly 1400 items now at a click of a button and delivered as fast as we deliver ourselves but direct from our suppliers warehouse with next day dpd delivery! from keyboards, printers, packs or pallets of paper! personal computers with 3 years return to base warranty... don't like the specification... no problem! Pc builder allows you to build your dream pc then email the quote over for us to checkover and arrange to take payment and arrange delivery of your new computer! no need for any tech experience whilst doing this as the compatibility checker will guide you through the process eliminating items that dont suit your existing choices!

11th October 2021

After a quick phone call to the supplier mentioned in the June update it was discovered that the trade reference contact attempts had been missed and an email to advise me of such had not actually been sent, a week later our account is finally open! Our first order has already arrived and we have a few items for the console gamer finally!
Our web development still continues in the background. Noticed an error? Let us know and we will include a free item with your order or send you a coupon!

1st January 2022

Our Year kick starts with us announcing our "charity of the year" through a contract with the national autistic society we have promised 10% of the profit from every item will be donated to them. We hope to do this whilst bringing our prices down to make for even better deals as we are able to reserve more upcoming items in higher quantities! read more about our charity of the year by clicking here

1st March 2022

With the upcoming pokemon TCG release we have been able to secure a bulk quantity discount for certain lines such as booster boxes and elite trainer boxes and have passed these savings down as promised in the january update.

Our website has now had some major upgrades and improvements along with the tempremental payment module being completly overhauled for the latest version of our sites operating system and the latest 3d secure standards and functionality improved and errors from the sites previous developers has been rectified.

1st May 2022

We are now concentrating on preperation of our return to the high street before christmas time which involves a bit more development work to the website - namely the ability to create receipts for instore purchases and have that stock automatically removed from the online inventory to save inventory differences between store and online that could result in selling sold out stock. Once this phase is complete we will be then looking for suitable premises whilst continuing to grow our stock and gather essentials like shop fittings. We will slowly gather pace with the gaming section once we are in a store as pricing changes too quick for us to be able to pass on great deals and clear stock before a bigger retailer suddenly has the game at half the price :/


Thats our journey so far, In the meantime don't forget to check back regularly for great items and news!